About New features of WhatsApp By Piyush kataria

It seems that WhatsApp has started to roll out its much-awaited voice calling feature to users. While there is no official word on the availability of the free voice calling feature on WhatsApp from the company, reports are doing the rounds claiming that a Reddit user found the calling feature activated on his WhatsApp. If reports are to be believed, the voice calling feature is included in WhatsApp’s 2.11.508 version, which has not yet made its way to Google’s Play Store. The upgraded version, however, can be downloaded and installed on your phone from the company’s website.

whatsapp-piyush-katariawhatsapp and facebook

The user further notes those who activate the WhatsApp voice calling feature in this manner – of receiving a call from someone with the feature already enabled – may not be able to use the feature to place further calls themselves.

To be noted before proceeding with a description of the UI seen in the screenshots, is that WhatsApp has yet to make any announcements about the roll out of voice calling to users, and that if reports are correct, the feature still appears to be in testing due to the very limited nature of the roll out.

Those with the feature fully working will supposedly see a standard calling interface, with the disconnect button above buttons for speaker, messages, and mute. Beyond call history visible on the Calls tab (not shown here as contact details were insufficiently blurred), no further screenshots were shared, of an in-call interface for example.


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